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  • Lida Daidaihua Weight Loss Capsules- Losing weight easily and quickly without strenuous diets and the constant feeling of hunger. Lida Capsules is natural product and is made from Chinese herbs. Functional principle: the most important components are Ganchzhu fiber, which suppress the appetite and create a feeling of satiety. In the body immediately begins process of burning fat. Capsules fill body with the nutrients, help eliminate toxins, increase toughness, reduce the threshold of fatigue. Indications for use: obesity, effects of overeating, poor digestion. Take one capsule a day before and after breakfast, then drink a glass of warm water. Take Lida capsules for at least a month. To get the maximum effect of the drug, take only one capsule per day. 



    Lida Daidaihua 60mg

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    Lida tablets naturally have a rapid effect by lowering appetite. Already in 2 or 3 weeks of the use of the tablets Lida Daidaihua the weight loss of 5 to 15 kg is observed. Therefore, it makes sense to buy Lida Daidaihua Original from LIDA in

    Benefits of Chinese Weight Loss Pills Original Lida Daidaihua

    1. A fast and visual effect.

    2. Lida lowers the appetite, eliminates the feeling of hunger, which of course causes the feeling of satiety.

    3. The remedy accelerates the metabolism.

    4. Lida tablets do not cause the return of obesity after the completion of the application.

    5. Lida Daidaihua Original does not disturb physiological processes in the organism (it is not a laxative).

    6. It contains no synthesized chemical ingredients.

    7. Lida capsules contain neither hormones, genetically modified components (GMOs), nor larvae.

    8. It is non-toxic.

    9. Lida tablets are not addictive.

    10. The remedy is scientifically justified.

    11. It is manufactured using the new scientific high technologies.

    12. The intake only once a day (it is convenient).

    13. It can eliminate fat from the problem areas: the stomach, hips and shoulders.

    14. It effectively breaks up the fat.

    In addition, the manufacturer LiDa describes that most women have positive changes in taking the capsules: the lowering of cholesterol levels, which improves the blood composition and helps to control the lipid metabolism in the body. The unprecedented lightheartedness in the body and the increase in working ability many times (one feels almost no tiredness).

    How to recognize Lida Daidaihua original?

    These are 60mg green tablets containing the beige colored powder.

    What ingredients are in the slimming tablets Lida Daidaihua?

    The agent has the following composition:

    L-carnitine is a vitamin-like substance that has an anabolic, generally invigorating, healing, health-promoting effect on the human body. It plays a significant role in increasing the body's resistance, lowering subcutaneous fat, normalizing lipid metabolism in the liver and improving metabolism. L-carnitine promotes the energy exchange, gets the ability to cope with high loads, increases resistance.

    Pahima Kokom. For centuries, it has been used in China as the beauty agent that reduces fat.

    Chrysanthemum has healing properties.

    Sweet potatoes have a beneficial effect on the blood cholesterol and glucose levels in humans.

    Jerusalem artichoke is the plant that improves the metabolism.

    Porphyry. In its composition, there are up to 40 percent of the dry matter of the protein.

    Gold tangerine. This lemon is a hybrid of tangerine and gold oranges, it improves all metabolic processes in the body.

    Garcinia Cambogia. The fruits of this evergreen tree (St. John's wort family) in the slimming capsules Lida Daidaihua thanks to the hydroxycitric acid contained therein greatly reduce appetite, blood cholesterol and stimulate the body to burn off the deposited fat.

    Poria Cocos is a fungus that is needed as a diuretic.

    Coleus. The fruits of this wild shrub contain special substances that promote the breakdown of fat cells.

    Kola. The seeds of this plant contain up to 2.5% caffeine and 0.05% theobromine, which explains their effective tonic effect. They are effective in overwork, apathy, migraine or neuralgia.

    Guarana. They seeds from the fruits of Guarana in Lida Daidaihua contain many organic substances, including organic iodine and saponin.

    Extracts from the fruits Fortunella Crassifolia.

    Extracts from the fruits Bigarade.

    Lida effect

    Splits fat cells.
    Suppresses the appetite.
    Normalizes the metabolism.


    Correction of figures.
    Metabolic disorders.


    It is forbidden to take Lida Dai Dai Hua capsules:
    People under the age of 16 years.
    People over the age of 65 years.
    During pregnancy.
    While breastfeeding.
    People who have had a stroke or a heart attack.
    People with serious diseases of the cardiovascular system.
    People with gastric ulcer and chronic gastritis.

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